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Más Htv...

Otra página de Htv... esta ha tardado, por la cuarta viñetita con lineas rectas y perspectivas raras...ni sé cuantas veces he intentado hacerla bien, pero aún así el resultado no ha sido muy p'alla que digamos... de todas formas, ahí teneís la penúltima página de la primera parte de Htv. Espero que os guste :3


Very informative post. Thanks for taking the time to share your view with us.

I just sent this post to a bunch of my friends as I agree with most of what you’re saying here and the way you’ve presented it is awesome.

I find myself coming to your blog more and more often to the point where my visits are almost daily now!

Thank You For This Blog, was added to my bookmarks.

I’ve been visiting your blog for a while now and I always find a gem in your new posts. Thanks for sharing.







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